Malt Street Regeneration

Berkeley Homes has now submitted it's long awaited planning application for the first phase of the Malt Street development. The proposals include a 40+ storey tower at the center of the development with a mere 1,796 sqm of non-residential space and excessive ground floor open space.

This application violates current Strategic Industrial Land (SIL) designation for the Malt street area. Vital OKR will be making an objection to this application based on this. We are also supporting the local residents of the Glengall Road conversation area. We are pushing for Malt street to be included within the conservation area. 

Click here to visit the Southwark Planning Portal, here you can read more, download full planning documents and lodge an objection.

We've had a go at redrawing the ground floor plans of the Berkeley Homes scheme, with the objective of creating more space for the economy with active light industrial units. See below our afternoon's work. This is what we believe Southwark Council should be pushing for, if they are serious about retaining and nurturing their economy. 

Sketch by Mark Brearley

Sketch by Mark Brearley


The scheme has been designed by Rolfe Judd Architects, we understand that Patel Taylor Architects have been working with Southwark to produce a masterplan for the Malt street and Cantium retail park area. To date their work has not been publicly accessible, but we hope that December 2017's amended AAP will include these. 


Recent dialogue with local counselor Richard Livingstone suggested that Berkeley homes have withdrawn their application based upon a lack of affordable housing provision. We have contacted chief OKR planner Kiran Chauhan who has confirmed the following:

"The application has not been withdrawn, it is still a live application but there is no progress on it at the current time".

This means there is still time to comment on the application.

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