Welcome to Vital OKR

Photo by Alex Marsh

Photo by Alex Marsh

A good city has everything

The Old Kent Road area is home to nearly 1,000 businesses that are integral to London's dynamic economy. Here there is a vibrant civic life and a remarkable diversity of enterprise. This place is thriving, providing work for around 10,000 people. We want the miracle to be recognised, celebrated, embraced and nurtured.

But big plans for development are threatening loss of accommodation and widespread displacement. We fear the worst, and have heard no reassurance. 

Recent findings by the Greater London Authority (GLA), have revealed that the steady strip out of industrial accommodation across the capital has resulted in over-release of land once protected for industrial use.

We advocate a policy of NIL net loss of industrial land in the London Borough of Southwark.

We are Vital OKR, a new business association, established to give a voice to this dynamic scene, to shout out that we are not nothing, explain that we are vital. We want to be part of our area’s future.

Our first members meeting (Spring 2017)

Our first members meeting (Spring 2017)

Let's Speak as One

Please join us, as a Member or a Friend. Together our voice will be clearer, stronger, more likely listened to. To join is free, non-binding, and you can leave any time. But being a Member, or a Friend, helps our remarkable economy be visible, celebrated, recognised, defended and nurtured.

We are keen to hear from you. Do get in touch.

We formed in the Summer of 2016. We are still young! right now we are working, organising, gathering knowledge, starting conversations. This is the start of our website. There will be more, soon. 

Meanwhile take a look on Twitter, and Instagram. Please follow us and spread the word!