NLA Breakfast Talk

This morning, Mark Brearley joined the panel at the New London Architecture presentation of Southwark Councils latest revision of the Old Kent Road Area Action Plan.

We hope to have a video of his speech uploaded soon...

In the meantime see his speech below:

"Many warm and promising words spoken, and certainly a welcome shift towards recognising the value of the diverse and growing economy we have.


But urgent action is needed to fix the damage done in the two years since open season was signalled by Southwark. Land trading and speculation, escalating rents, plummeting lease lengths, evictions. Tradewinds have left, 6 vehicle repairers gone or going, the Rich Estate emptied, Souvenir squeezed, many now making departure plans. Last week V22 told their tenants that time is up; Another 100 businesses to be brushed aside. Our economy is getting a kicking. Our council made it happen.


We need a plan that matches those warm words, that meets the Mayor’s requirement that there be no shrinkage of industrial accommodation, and that space occupied by creative enterprise be protected. That plan is not on the table yet. It needs shaping in partnership with businesses and with all who are potentially affected. 


Two years have been lost. We need Southwark to start a dialogue now, to stop cooking it all up in private, with their consultants who don’t get out much and whose work is never shared. We need Southwark to embrace what A City for all Londoners advocates, prepare Opportunity Area plans in collaboration with local communities and stakeholders, all of whom are willing".

Vital Old Kent Road