OKR Urban Room Crowdfunding


VitalOKR are pleased to announce the launch of our new crowdfunding platform through Space Hive to support the creation of a new ‘urban room’.

Please support this wonderful project today, even a pledge of £1 helps us get one step closer to our target.

Visit our Space Hive site here: https://www.spacehive.com/urban-room-old-kent-road

Action OKR is a call to everyone with an interest in a good future for London's Old Kent Road. We propose Urban Room Old Kent Road – a dedicated space where residents, businesses, researchers, planners, the council, developers and others can come together to debate and plan the future of our corner of the city. A space currently missing from the Old Kent Road. The area of London where we live and work will be changed dramatically over the next decade: 25,000 new homes and the Bakerloo Line extension are proposed within what the GLA has designated an 'Opportunity Area'. That’s a lot! If this is to be a genuine opportunity for the local community as well as developers, then everyone needs to be involved. Urban Room OKR makes space for local people to engage with the plan-making process, and for developers and planners to hear the view from the street.

Thank you for your support.

Vital Old Kent Road